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The Blade Kitten: Ultomato Edition is now available to buy over on IndyPlanet.

A huge 276 pages with every Blade Kitten comic page ever done. It’s the ultimate BK collector’s edition with tons of never before seen art all in the one convenient place.

This is probably your most cost effective way of getting it. I will be making signed versions available but they’ll be way more expensive thanks to shipping out of Australia (around $70 US). I wish it was cheaper but the weight drives up the shipping costs

Getting it straight from Indy Planet is far more economical. Sorry about that.

But hey at least you now get a hold of it.


Anonymous asked:

I uber super duper love the Sips and Sjin rough sketch with them pushing buttons in company suits it is really cool, your art is very awesome in general ^_^

Thank you very much anonfriend!

I want to draw Dodger with her million coffee mugs and her cats but I don’t think I have the patience… and I haven’t been following her that long so I’m not familiar enough with her million mugs or her cats. But I think someone should do this if it hasn’t been done yet.





Oh my god statue sips is the saddest thing ever he’s literally got, a statue in place of sips, he’s got this statue like here’s sips

Someone write something… xx

What if this statute is actually Sips? What if he’s still semi conscious despite the fact that…

Either the statue really is Sips, or Sjin’s gone deranged. He told Xephos it was really him.

What if it’s not Sips? What if each setback drove him a little bit more mad? He was showing signs of it already; wishing for _Zips, saying you need spruce to spruce a place up… Oh gosh, what if _Zips never actually existed? Sjin blew his own island up because it reminded him too much of Sips. Someone’s now come along and left this statue as a joke, and his whole mental narrative has changed. Suddenly, Sips isn’t on Mars, THIS is Sips. Obviously. Now that he’s not focused on going to space, Sips is back in Minecraftia.

Sjin always goes a little mad when he’s alone. The longer he’s companionless, the worse it gets. He personified his scarecrow, a scarecrow who didn’t show it’s face as long as Nano was there, or he spooked her into seeing it moving in the shadows late at night. He was on his own for a long time trying to get to Mars, after being alone for a long time on the farm. He lets some of his imaginary friends’ mannerisms slip through sometimes, but Xephos isn’t going to notice.

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